Report: Open Garages More Likely to be Burgled Than Closed Ones

In a recent study conducted by the Denver Police Department along with the Stapleton Cop Shop, SUN, and the MCA, it was learned that residents with their garages left open were five times more likely to get robbed than those left closed. “This is some surprising, yet convincing evidence that people should be more conscientious when it comes to closing their garage doors,” said Cop Shop operator Jed Logan. “We had suspicions that this might be the case, but not to this extreme.”

Research was conducted using surveys of those whom claim to have been robbed, along with police reports. In a vast majority of the cases it was learned that garages had been left open. “Burglars try to take the easiest road if possible,” said Denver Police Officer Mike Hays. “So, when they see an open garage, they feel it is a great opportunity to get some items with very little effort or risk.” Officer Hays acknowledges that it can sometimes be inconvenient to keep the garage door closed. “It’s not always easy to push that button and watch to make sure the garage door is going down.”

Confronted with the new information, Lauren Wharton plans to change her ways. “I have rarely closed my garage door in the past,” says Wharton. “It just made it easier to get in and get out without having to push any buttons. Now, I am definitely going to make a more concerted effort to make sure our garage door is shut.” Advice Officer Hays strongly agrees with. “Residents should keep their garage doors shut when not in their garages. Oh, and be vigilant. Always be vigilant.”

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