Report: 76% of Black Denver Residents Don’t Want to Live in Stapleton

black people don't want to live in StapletonA recent Front Porch article discusses the challenges facing Forest City and the community in regards to affordable housing and diversity. “Stapleton continues to lag behind the rest of the Denver community and the original promises of Forest City,” says Stapleton CAB (Citizen’s Advisory Board) Committee Chair Kent Nebel. “We have repeatedly addressed this with Forest City and nothing has changed.”

A new report may show that Forest City actually isn’t to blame for the lack of diversity in Stapleton. “In a partnership with CU Boulder’s mathematics and statistics department, we conducted a comprehensive study to see why Stapleton is not attracting more black residents,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “The biggest finding, according to Ayers, is simply that black people don’t want to live in Stapleton. One of the questions on the survey given exclusively to black residents in Denver and surrounding cities was whether they would live in Stapleton if their home was already paid for,” said Ayers. “Three in four said that they wouldn’t live in Stapleton, even if their home was free.”

Qualitative responses to the survey will also prove useful as Stapleton continues to address the problem. “I’m not sure I want to hang around all those white people,” said one of the responders. “I mean, they talk about their jobs, how they drive to their jobs, and lawn care. I’m not sure that is what I want to be around.” Another respondent agrees. “Sitting around with neighbors listening to the Dave Matthews Band and talking about paint colors doesn’t seem all that fun. So, I’ll pass.” Stapleton residents seem somewhat insulted when shown the responses from the study. “The Dave Matthews Band?” snarls resident Marc Travillian. “Sure, I like them, but I also listen to Billy Joel (70’s) quite a bit, so I can be hip.”

One resident suggests having welcoming parties where black Coloradans are invited to block parties to get a better feel for what Stapletonians are like. “Do we have some ignorant assholes here?” asks resident Joshua Clark. “Sure we do. But, there are ignorant assholes everywhere. Let’s show some of our potential black friends and neighbors that we would be more welcoming than they think, and possibly even more fun.” Other residents think there would be challenges to doing that type of an undertaking. “Would we serve white food or black food?” asks resident Debbie Gaies. “What kind of music should we play, and would we have to watch NBA basketball? These are some of my major concerns.”

The report will continue to drive the diversity conversation in Stapleton, but as of now nothing seems to be driving a more diverse Stapleton.

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2 responses to “Report: 762 of Black Denver Residents Don’t Want to Live in Stapleton”

  1. kristen

    I find your articles quite funny – satirical, clever and often spot-on. That being said, this particular article is offensive and in very bad taste. I’m disappointed and embarrassed by your lack of sensitivity.

  2. Valerie

    Seriously! How insulting. Good manners and kindness are more important than what type of food is served! Let’s be inclusive and support diversity .

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