Reminder: Election Over, Residents Can Take Down Yard Signs

Congratulations to all of you who voted. Voting is a civic duty that every non-felon, 18-year old should exercise. Whether you vote for politicians that don’t know who Paul Revere is, or those who twitter their twitters, we at the Stapletonion support you.  Thanks for voting. Many people support their candidates by going door to door, contributing money, arranging public speaking, and even putting up yard signs. Yard signs are a great way to let people know where you stand, and in some cases, that you’re not racist. But it is time to take them down. Hopefully, the eight months you had a yard sign up representing a minority candidate was enough to convince your friends and neighbors that, “you don’t even see color.”  We appreciate that. But the fact remains that the election is over, and your advertisement for your candidate doesn’t even help the candidate. It does make it appear as if you are not aware the election is over, and also desecrates your yard. Have you seen any “Go Packers!  Beat the Steelers!” signs in yards? Probably not, as the Super Bowl has been over for 4 months. Feel free to store your sign in the basement in case your candidate decides to run for re-election, but take it down today. We do not want a repeat of the ’08 election where Caucasian Obama supporters kept their signs up for 16 months after the election. Again, thank you for getting involved in the election process.  


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