Rec Center Plans Crack Down on Moms Taking Advantage of Daycare

The Stapleton Rec Center has noticed a similar pattern among moms over the last two months. They come in with their kids dressed in their workout clothes. Then, they drop their kids off at the free child care facility. It is at this point where the rec center staff has started noticing a deviation from the norm.

“They drop their kids off, and then walk right into the community room,” says rec center employee Theresa Frankel. “They lay on the couch, chairs, and even the floor when the others are taken. Some ladies are bringing in pillows or using their yoga mats. It is getting out of hand.”

Stay at home moms have taken advantage of this loophole, and do not think it should go away. “Hey, I can’t get any rest at home because there is just too much to do,” says mom Merideth Crosley. “When I am at the rec center, I have no stress of things I need to get done, or kids. It is my best opportunity to relax.”

Rec center manager JoAnn Carney says they are going to start enforcing a rule that states if you are not exercising, you cannot have your kids in the daycare facility. “This just wasn’t what we had in mind when we created this,” says Carney. “We want moms to get a break, but that break should be working out hard for an hour, and then right back at it with the kids. We feel we are being taken advantage of.”

Moms are fighting the proposed rule based on the massive gray area of what defines “working out.” “I see yoga people laying around, is that working out?” questions Crosley. “Furthermore, does meditation count as a workout, or how about the people that sit on the bikes barely peddling while watching TV, does that count?”

The rec center says it will come up with a more strict definition of exercise before implementing the rule. “The bottom line is, we just can’t have 50 kids in the daycare facility and 35 moms sleeping in the community room,” says Carney.

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