Really Private Couple Realizes Stapleton “Probably Not a Good Fit”

Nathan and Emily Hoffert moved to Stapleton for the same reasons many people do. They liked the idea of still living in Denver, but having a safe environment with good schools for their kids. For the most part, they have enjoyed the experience, and they have met new friends, and their children have enjoyed going to the pools and meeting lots of friends. But recently, the Hofferts put their home up for sale and began looking for homes elsewhere.

“We certainly love Stapleton and most of the people here, but why does everyone have to know everything we are doing,” complains Emily. “We had people from three blocks away come over and tell us they were going to be sad to see us go. This is before we even had a for sale sign in our yard. We can’t have friends over without neighbors coming over and joining without being invited.”

Nathan also feels that the hyper-sensitivity of some residents has negatively impacted their experience. “My wife joined the Stapleton Moms Yahoo group to have access to information and purchase quality used items,” said Nathan. “That stuff is certainly there, but half of it is bickering and squabbling about ridiculous stuff. So, finding actual information becomes difficult.”

The Hofferts are not sure where they are going to move yet, but are looking at Park Hill and some suburbs. “We really like the diversity of Park Hill,” says Emily. It decreases our chances of someone asking for a stick of butter every other night. It would be nice to have one night without a people asking if we want a drink or get together for dinner. It is great to have this once a week or every other week, but every night has become too much.”

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