Quebec Square Sold; First Order of Business, Change Name

quebec squareThe Quebec Square retail development was recently sold for over $52 million to Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc. There are over 60 businesses in the shopping district including a Check into Cash, an Arby’s, a Country Buffet, Famous Footwear, Great Clips, Ihop, Payless Shoes, and Regal Nails, among many, many more. The buyer is hoping to change the retail areas somewhat inconsistent image.

“There are some great brands here,” says Inland American Partner Rob Erhardt. “From a dentistry, to a childcare, along with several quality, albeit, chain restaurants. There is a lot happening here at Quebec Square.” Erhardt says the struggle for the new buyers is to change the image so that people think of the high quality aforementioned businesses, and not the nickel and dime businesses often associated with Quebec Square. “We aren’t trying to come in and immediately clean house,” says Erhardt. “This is a process. And the first thing we are trying to do is change the image, and you do that by changing your name.”

Inland American says they plan to hire a Denver based consulting firm and do several qualitative studies to figure out the best direction of a new name. “We want it to convey excellence,” says Erhardt. “We think a quality name will drive the consumers we want to the area, and henceforth, the types of businesses we want here. Should we have a Nordstrom? Maybe. But we should at least have a Nordstrom Rack.” Inland American wants to know the opinions of those that matter most, readers of the Stapletonion. If you have a suggestion for a new name for Quebec Square (such as Bermuda Square ), please email to The Stapletonion at, and we will forward on.

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One response to “Quebec Square Sold; First Order of Business, Change Name”

  1. Ouda DeLoop

    Did Quebec Square really get sold?

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