Quebec Soopers Preparing for End of Days; Urges Customers to ‘Remember the Good Times’

quebec king soopersWith the Eastbridge Soopers expected to open at the end of the month, the Quebec Soopers is preparing for what undoubtedly will be the end of the store. “For the last several years, we have known the time would come when another grocer entered the market,” said Quebec Soopers manager Gary Stevens. “We tried to make improvements which would keep us in the market longer, but projections do not look good for us to remain in the Stapleton market. In essence, King Soopers will be put out of business by King Soopers.” Research, in fact, shows that Stevens is correct and 84% of current Quebec Soopers shoppers no longer plan to go there once the Eastbridge store is open. “I am very much looking forward to the opening of the Eastbridge store,” said resident Paul Larson. “I have no idea if it will be better or worse, but it will be different. And that’s all I am really looking for right now. It’s like I am going through a divorce from the Quebec Soopers and the Eastbridge Soopers is my rebound.” Lee Jepsen is also at the end of his rope with the Quebec Soopers. “You know, it’s really not even that bad any more,” said Jepsen. “But, I am still looking forward to the change.” Stapleton mom Cindy Williams is more harsh about the Quebec Soopers. “It’s a terrible shopping experience,” said Williams. “I hate going there, especially any time it is dark, which makes winter shopping really tricky. I am way over the Quebec Soopers.”

Stevens still has hope his store will stick around after the new store opens in Eastbridge. “We may have some hidden loyalty from customers, or maybe the closer neighborhoods will still use us out of convenience, or maybe the new Soopers won’t live up to the lofty expectations the community has set,” said Stevens. “Any rate, there are some unknown or unquantifiable variables which may allow for us to stay open a little longer, or maybe even continue to co-exist with the incoming store.” Most experts see that as a long shot. “The math just doesn’t work,” said University of Colorado economist John Lauterbach. “Historically, the only brands which have been able to open stores in close proximity and  co-exist are Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks,” said Lauterbach. “Grocery stores in close proximity have been able to survive, but usually it’s due to being completely different in name and style. There isn’t much of a chance this can work, especially when you consider other key factors such as how much everyone hates the existing Soopers.”

For his part, Stevens is hoping customers will remember some of the good times they had with Soopers. “They weren’t all bad, were they?” asked Stevens. “Remember when the Broncos won and you got a free donut? Or how about the time we gave your kid a free banana? So, we have done some things that may have gone unnoticed.” With the Eastbridge store opening soon, many of us will be saying goodbye to the Quebec store for good. Here are some memories of the Quebec Soopers in their time in Stapleton:

Kudos, Quebec Soopers, on a job…done.

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  1. East Coaster in CO

    Dunkin’ Donuts? Not sure who, what or where Duncan Donuts is. That’d be an unfortunate name though.

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