Protests begin over Lengthy Construction Project

Residents angry about the Central Park Blvd. exchange began posting signs demanding the city “End Road Work.” There has been an undercurrent of complaints since the project began, but as residents have lost their patience, they started posting the signs including their demand.

“It isn’t about whether it is a stop sign or traffic light anymore,” said protestor Jessie Hetland. “We simply want the construction to end. It is too much, and has affected driving, walking, running, and riding.”

Protestors are asked to yell, honk, and cheer as they pass the sign on Central Park Blvd., just passed 29th ave. “We want people’s horns and voices to be heard,” says Hetland. “Show your support for our cause, and lets End Road Work today.”

Handling the construction project is Parsons Construction. CEO Luke Carman mentions that they are doing their best. “Projects like this are always harder than they sound,” says Carman. “People think that putting traffic lights in should be quick and easy, but it just isn’t. All we can ask is for people to bear with us and just be patient.”

Hetland says that the time for patience is gone and now is the time for protests. “They had their chance to get this project done in a reasonable manner. Now, we must exercise our right to gather and protest against this abomination.”

The city and Parsons say that there are absolutely no plans to stop the project, however they will respect the rights of the protesters.

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