President Spends Day with Stapleton Firefighters: Workout, Coffee, and Grocery Shopping

President Barak Obama made a surprise visit to the Stapleton firehouse two weeks ago while in Denver. He originally planned on a simple morning workout, but decided to spend the day with the firemen. The day began with Obama showing up at about 6:30AM when Obama decided to lead the workout for the fireman. “It was probably the hardest workout I have ever been through,” said fireman James Barry. “It was a mix of a boot camp, P90X, and CrossFit. He called it ‘Domination Obamanation.’ I am still sore.” President Obama says that he takes his workouts very seriously. “The American people should know that I am always working hard for them. Whether it is in the White House, on a diplomatic mission, or in the gym.”

After talking with the men and women of the Stapleton Firehouse #26, the President decided he wanted to stay for the afternoon to experience the day in the life of a fireman. “Like most people, when I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman,” said Obama. “Things didn’t work out, and I ended up being The President. Being the President is a lot like being a fireman in that you are always trying to put out fires. The only difference is, as a fireman, you don’t have a republican congress pouring gas on the fire while you are trying to extinguish it.”

The fireman took the President on their morning visit to Starbucks. “I probably caught them on an unusually easy day. It was great to get to know the great men and women, but there wasn’t a whole lot to do.” After the Starbucks trip, the group headed back to the fire station to shoot some hoops. The President took a brief tour of the facilities, and then took off to King Soopers with the fireman to do some shopping. “I had heard bad things about this particular grocery store, but I was pretty impressed,” said the President. “Not a bad grocery store at all.”

The only call the fire department received while Obama was there was in regards to a neighbor entering the wrong code into someone’s security system when they went to borrow eggs. “I decided to pass on the call, but let the fireman know how much I appreciated their time,” the President said. The firefighters had a great time as well. “This was an experience of a lifetime,” said fireman Barry.

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