Party Ruined by Uninvited Neighbor

What was supposed to be a fun evening with friends from the old neighborhood and a handful from the new, quickly turned into an evening of awkwardness. Chris Clapp and his wife Lori, who used to live in the Highlands, decided to have another one of their Stapleton get-togethers, showing off their giant house and introducing old friends to new.

“We try to do something like this at least once a year,” said Chris. “It’s a fun way for us to let our old friends know how cool Stapleton can be.”

But this year party-goers from outside of Stapleton left with a bitter taste in their mouth. “It would be nice if just one time we could have people over without Mike and Jessica thinking that because we are outside, it’s an open invite to come on over,” said Chris.  Jessica and Mike “wowed” guests with unrelated tales of their younger days, as well as how well their seven year old Robert is doing in school and in sports.

“Typically, our parties last at least until 12:30 or 1,” said Chris.  “This year, we were cleared out by 8:30.”

The Clapp’s are already looking for solutions including increasing the height of the privacy fence or resorting to indoor-only parties, asking guests to park three blocks away and then sneaking in through the garage.

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