Parkwood Home Cadbury Egged

In a very unfortunate incident, local elementary school thugs appear to have created quite the mess at the Weinstein home.  Almost one month before Easter, the Weinstein’s woke up to find their beautiful Parkwood home covered in chocolate, sugar, and a creamy inside.  “How could someone do this?” exclaimed distraught homeowner Zach Weinstein.  A bigger question that is perplexing the community is how these kids could destroy something as tasty and wonderful as a Cadbury Egg.  “What happened to the Weinstein house is terrible,” said neighbor Tom Jacobs, “but if you are going to destroy someone’s home, don’t also destroy a wonderful seasonal treat such as the Cadbury Egg.”  Parkwood Homes investigators arrived on the scene to find at least four Cadbury Eggs slammed into various parts of the dwelling.  Lead Parkwood investigator Royce Alger did not see any particular pattern with the eggs.  “At this point, it seems that they were thrown at random.  But that could have been done just to throw us off.”  If you have any information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and subsequent removing from the neighborhood of the kids and their parents involved, contact Royce Alger at Parkwood Homes.  One thing is for certain, clean up will be long and tedious for the people the Weinsteins hire to clean up the mess.

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