Park Hill to Stapleton: “Train Horn Not as Irritating as Jet Engines”

train horn not as bad as jetsThe Central Park Station is in full throttle, and overall, Stapletonians are enjoying either taking the train or having it as an option. “Suddenly opening up every Lo-Do restaurant as a place to go to dinner is really cool,” said resident Amy DeLay. “We went down for Mother’s Day, and it was so easy and so much fun.” Other residents agree. “We will definitely see more Rockies games this season,” said Benjamin Dreesman. “Not having to worry about driving and parking is truly a game changer. Hell, I’m even considering seeing some Avs games this winter. I hope everyone will appreciate how great this train dealio is.”

Not all Stapleton residents are so enthused. “Westbound comes every 14 minutes and Eastbound every 24 minutes,” explains Central Park North resident Mark Wiley. “Which is great, except they sound that horn each time they approach the station. Is that necessary, or is it some sort of tradition? Just seems a little unnecessary.” North Eastbridge resident Dawn Buenger agrees. “It is pretty loud and annoying,” says Buenger. “Is it really that common for people just to walk out in front of a commuter train? They have bells at the station, too. Can’t we just have the bells? It is very disruptive to people close to the area.”

Park Hill residents remain fairly unaffected by the new transit system, but do have some encouraging news for Stapletonians. “I have lived in Park Hill for 30 years,” exclaimed Randy Day. “We used to have jets flying over our heads every five minutes. From 6AM until 11PM, every day. Now, I don’t know a ton about decibels, but I do know I would rather have a train horn once in a while than the constant sound of jets taking off and landing.” Long time Park Hill resident Eric Drenner also recalls the noise prior to the Stapleton Airport closing in 1995. “I can’t imagine a train could be any worse,” said Drenner. “My house would literally shake, almost all day. Does the train make your Stapleton house shake? Probably not. I guess my advice to Stapletonians would be to enjoy the quiet horn of progress, and be happy you never have to worry about a plane crashing down on your house.”

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