Outsiders Snatch Up Stapletonians “Junk”

Last weekend’s garage sale drew in thousands of people from outside the Stapleton community. The outsiders were in search of deals on furniture, clothes, electronics, and any and all things baby. They came in droves from West Aurora and even from as far away as East Aurora. You know what they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and Stapleton treasure was collected by the ton.

“We were selling a tube TV,” said resident Doug Schwab. “Seriously. A tube TV. And we sold it for $3.”

Other residents sold golf clubs from the early 1970’s ($1/club), couches from college that most recently were used as a springboard for children in the unfinished area of the basement ($10), a non-working lawnmower from 1987 ($15), and even some men’s old tee shirts ($1/each).

“We were going to take all of these items to Goodwill anyway, this just enabled us to have them picked up, and make some extra money,” said North Central Park resident Gable Fox.

The Stapleton garage sale has long been a big success, and an easy way for residents to throw all of their old stuff in the yard in hopes someone will come by and express an interest in it.  “We made no plans for the yard sale until that morning,” said Katie Walsworth. “We literally were grabbing things and saying, ‘do we like this,’ and if we didn’t, we whipped it into the front yard.”

The Stapleton garage sale was reported to have generated over $3 million in non-taxable sales for Stapleton residents, which includes sales of items as well as refreshments.

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