Of Mice and Meat: Has Stapleton Soopers Hit Rock Bottom?

of mice and meatRecently, it was reported that a patron at the Stapleton King Soopers noticed a live mouse running through the deli meat case. “I screamed and told the employee,” said Laura Kozlowski. “But, they didn’t seem that shocked. They just said, ‘yeah, we see that thing, but never in the deli case.’” The incident is latest in what seems to be a history of troubles with Stapleton residents. Prior to the rodent siting, many residents have been fighting to keep another King Soopers from going into the Eastbridge Town Center. This incident will only strengthen that cause.

Other issues have centered around the convoluted Soopers gas station, which continues to have issues. The crowded aisles have bothered customers for years. And, of course, the store’s inability to offer a true organic option has been frustrating for several residents. In fact, Soopers has made efforts to make changes, which forced the Stapleton store to look at adopting their own slogan.

Alas, none of the aforementioned issues competes with a live mouse running through your food, so Soopers is on full damage control. “We closed the deli down for a day,” said Manager Gary Stevens. “We want to give the impression that we are taking care of the problem. Heck, we are even considering putting a dead mouse outside of the store next to a sign which will read, ‘this is what happens to mice when they come in here.’ You know, kind of a warning to other mice.” Stevens doesn’t think it will affect their business that much. “There are no other close by options,” says Stevens. It’s like having a monopoly, is that the right word? Anyway, our business continues to boom. I’m not sure people will drive an extra couple miles to shop at a mouse-free grocer, are you?”

Resident Ken Beeman says this was the last straw. “I have been threatening myself not to shop there for a long time,” says Beeman. “But, I guess my line was drawn at mouse being near the food, so I am not going back.” Melissa Williams agrees. “Even if it was just this one time, I am so grossed out by it, I can’t go back,” said Williams. The only way that Soopers will consider this rock-bottom is if that mouse’s footsteps impact yours.

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3 responses to “Of Mice and Meat: Has Stapleton Soopers Hit Rock Bottom?”

  1. Shrew

    Posted to king soopers and krogers facebook page.

  2. Phil Dargossi

    Maybe it’s like one of those restaurants where you get to pick out your own live lobster. I bet some minced mouse would taste great on the rosemary crackers the sell by the deli.

  3. Margret Dugan

    Mice are a known problem at King Dupers. I mean eating candles for light refreshment, playing hide and squeak and looking in the deli counter for Mice Krispies. So upsetting for loyal Duper shoppers — it’ll be different at Eastbridge, right? #mousegrouse

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