Northfield to Become Outlet Mall-Topia?

The Northfield Mall continues to struggle, long after the completion of the Central Park Blvd. Exchange. Forest City, owners of the mall, are looking to potentially change the landscape of the mall forever. “We are looking at the possibility of turning the area into an outlet mall,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “The current format isn’t working, and it’s like they say in the mall business, if it ain’t workin’,’ turn it into an outlet mall.”

Forest City has not made any final decisions on this yet, but does have a few ideas in case they go to plan B. “I don’t think it would be all bad to have Levi, Polo, Gap, J Crew or even an Eddie Bauer outlet store in the area,” said Ayers. “We just need to be forward thinkers at this point.” Ayers contends that although the word “outlet mall” may have a negative connotation, residents would eventually warm up to the idea.

“On the record, I hate the idea of having my community so close to an outlet mall,” said Stapleton resident Shana McDonald. “It just seems so suburban. However, off the record, I’m guessing I make quite a few trips over to the Kenneth Cole store.” Most residents we spoke with agreed that the idea of outlet stores so close to their homes was disturbing and embarrassing, but they would no doubt shop Northfield more often. “I don’t even know what is there right now besides Target,” said resident Dan Crawford. “But, if all of the sudden there is a Columbia outlet store up there, you can bet I will be up there much more often.”

Ayers says that it is way too early to speculate what is going to happen in the next 12 months with the Shops at Northfield. “Right now, we kind of want everything to fail on its own and then we can start making some changes.” If you would like to let Forest City know in advance what outlet stores you think are best suited for the Stapleton community, you can email them with the subject line “outlet mall” to

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