Northfield High Principal Resigns; Becomes Warden at Supermax

supermaxNorthfield High School is just two months old, but there has been a big change with the recent resignation of Principal Brian Scott. Scott resigned to follow his long time passion to become a warden, as he was hired as the warden at Supermax in Florence, Colorado. “It is something I have been interested in for a long time,” said Scott. “Being a Principal was a great experience, but in the end, it was just a stepping stone in becoming a warden, which has been my dream all along.” After being offered his “dream job” Scott spoke with Tom Boasberg (Superintendent) and Susana Cordova (Chief Schools Officer) and they decided it was best for Scott to resign immediately, rather than finish off the year before moving to Folorence to take charge of the nation’s highest security prison. “We felt that if this was a move he wanted to make, he should make it immediately,” said Boasberg. “We support Scott in his decision, and wish him the best.” In the interim, Nicole Kimball will serve as acting Principal until a new one is hired at the end of the year. “We will encourage feedback from our parents and community in this process,” said Cordova.

Scott says several things contributed to his decision to leave Northfield High. “I want people to understand that this decision has been years in the making,” said Scott. “Just a dream come true. That being said, there are many similarities to being a high school principal and being a warden.” Scott says it was ultimately the differences which caused him to make the change. “As a warden, you can pretty much do what you want to do behind those locked gates. You just have your trusted guards, and there is not a lot of transparency in running a prison. Now, running a school, you have other teachers and administrators watching over you, parents who are interested in their children’s’ environment, and of course the kids themselves, who we don’t even keep locked up. So, running a school can be pretty political, where running a prison is kind of just you, which I liked.”

Northfield High will continue to work to become the best school in the nation, with or without Warden Scott. “The goals of this school will remain the same,” said Boasberg. “We still feel this will be a great learning institution and the resignation of the Principal does not change that.” Scott is excited for his new position. “The timing was probably for the best,” said Scott. “Honestly, I am not sure how long I would have lasted here. Stapleton people are pretty involved and crazy, so dealing with that for several years as the school grew would have been quite the headache. I wish nothing but the best for the students and the school.” Look out federal inmates at Supermax. Here comes Warden Brian Scott.

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