Northfield Carriage Ride Features Trip Through Historic Borders Parking Lot

Northfield is offering carriage rides as an additional incentive for people to shop in Northfield this Holiday season. Along with being able to see Target, Bass Pro Shops, the movie theatre, and a random barrage of other shops, riders will be able to experience the parking lot of a classic bookstore, long since closed down.

“It was real neat to be able to tell our kids how we used to buy books in stores,” says Stapleton resident Mike Victoria. “The kids were so intrigued when we explained that we used to read books in paper form. It was just a real trip in the past that all kids don’t get to experience.”

Long ago, Northfield had a bookstore, Borders, where you could walk inside, get coffee, relax and read, and maybe even pick out a book to buy. That concept is long gone, much like that of the local retailer. As everyone knows, books are now simply purchased on computers or other handheld devices and read on the screens.

“Like everything else in life, we do not want to forget about our past and what other generations went through,” said local historian Brad Kallaway. “I wish we could have preserved the store as a historic landmark to give tours through.”

While taking the carriage tours, riders are asked to soak in all that is Northfield, including the modern day shops like Charming Charlie, and of course, the historic Borders parking lot.

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One response to “Northfield Carriage Ride Features Trip Through Historic Borders Parking Lot”

  1. Cortney

    I do not remember a Barnes and Noble only a borders

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