North Siders Frustrated With Having to Drive Eight Minutes to South Side Activities

driving from north sideAs Stapleton continues to grow north of the highway, many activities have remained on the south side. Numerous north-siders are former south siders and they are beginning to become disgruntled with having to drive between seven and ten minutes to get to the other side of the hood. “It’s really frustrating,” said resident Mike Colburn. “I mean, I thought once I moved over here the community would make sure I would not be inconvenienced. Why didn’t the things on the south side just follow me over here to make sure my life continued to be as easy as possible?” Kelly Fitzpatrick agrees. “We did all these things on the south side before we moved north,” explains Kelly. “But now, we don’t want to have to drive all that way to those things. Something needs to be done. Maybe another train?” For many north siders, it has caused them to stop doing those things altogether. “I used to go to my workout place over there, and I have stopped doing that,” said Wicker Park resident Michelle Elmore. “We have even stopped doing some of the activities our kids had been doing. That’s just way too far to drive. I mean, with traffic, it can be up to 12 minutes.”

Some residents understand a ten minute drive isn’t much of a sacrifice. “There are people all over the city who have to drive 30 minutes each way to kids’ activities,” said Katie Willson. “This is another example of Stapletonians just being a little spoiled.” Mark Purdy agrees. “When I was kid, we had to drive at least 20 minutes to get to most of our things. I hardly think half of that should be a deal-breaker when it comes to going to certain restaurants or participating in certain activities.” Make no mistake, the north side has plenty of things going on, just not always the exact things some of those residents are looking for. And until they get those things, they will continue to complain about that drive. Even if it’s just eight minutes.

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