North Central Park Residents Feel Isolated From Rest of Stapleton

North Central Park continues to be developed, yet something is a little different in this neighborhood. Although many Stapleton neighborhoods form their own cliques, residents at least have the option to easily venture over to another area. For example, Eastbridge residents can make the drive across the bridge to visit acquaintances from across the way. People from “Old Stapleton” can head down MLK to visit any of their neighbors from another hood.

This is not true of the tucked away neighborhood of North Central Park, especially if you live on the east side. “It’s probably a lot like how Alcatraz prisoners felt,” says North Central Park resident Owen Williams. “We can see the rest of Stapleton the same way they could see San Francisco. It’s just really hard to get there.” It’s true that if a North Central Park resident wants to take their child to a birthday party anywhere else in Stapleton, they have quite the trip in front of them. They must drive far west all the way down 33rd or 35th to Central Park Blvd, then wait 10-15 minutes at the light, and finally head back east a long ways as well. It has discouraged many residents from making or keeping friends from the other Stapleton neighborhoods.

“It just got to be too much of a hassle,” says Paige Hill. “We moved out here at the suggestion of our friends that live in Eastbridge, but we see them less now. We are more likely to hang out with people in our neighborhood, or even friends in Park Hill.”

Residents do see at least one advantage. “You can drive as fast as you want,” says Preston Essex. “Even the police think it is too much of a pain to come out here. Of course, many of us are concerned what would happen if there was a fire.”

The only thing that would make the neighborhood more accessible would be to put a road directly through Central Park, which is highly unlikely at this point.

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3 responses to “North Central Park Residents Feel Isolated From Rest of Stapleton”

  1. Joe S

    Because of the remoteness and blue collar residence living in this northern part of Stapleton, Forest City is considering naming that area Commerce City at Stapleton. Forest City is also going to rename those areas that are way, way out east, changing them to Jail Houses at Stapleton and Aurora Stapleton.

  2. Derek P

    Attn: Staff Writer – Those of us “original” Stapleton residents prefer to call our neighborhood “Classic Stapleton”, not “Old Stapleton”. “Old” implies we are over the hill. Classic is, well, Classier. Please make a note of it for future articles in which you are referencing the Pioneers of the great neighborhood of Stapleton.

    1. aly


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