North Central Park Residents Building Security Wall

With the completion of the Fulton through street to Aurora and Havana soon to follow, North Central Park residents fear that Aurora leakage will extend passed Eastbridge to other parts of the pristine Stapleton community. “I don’t think community leaders, Forest City, or the City of Denver are really looking at the long-term ramifications of these through streets,” said North Central Park resident Sam Westwick. “This could drastically affect the safety of residents as well as the long-term home values of Stapleton.”

The security of Stapleton residents has long been a concern, and the MCA and Forest City have done little to improve the situation. “I feel like I have been seeing more and more non-Stapleton vehicles coming through our neighborhood,” said Westwick. “Yesterday, I saw a 2001 Chevy of some sort. I am not sure what style it was, as it was probably discontinued. All I know is that it wasn’t an Audi, Volvo, BMW, or Toyota 4-Runner.” North Central Park (NCP) residents understand that Eastbridge residents will be hit the hardest by the through streets, but they are preparing vigorously to make sure that little impact is seen in their neighborhood.”

“At this point, it looks like Eastbridge is pretty much a lost cause,” said NCP resident Brandon Frazier. “We feel for them, but we must look forward in protecting our families, friends, neighbors, and property. This wall was the best idea we had.” NCP residents called an emergency meeting which about 70% of the homeowners in the area attended. “Everyone understands the urgency of the situation,” said Frazier. “We came up with several ideas, but in the end, the wall was our best option. We live so close to a Home Depot, so we just started buying wood and digging.”

NCP residents plan to make the wall about 20 feet high, and will have posts for lookouts. The fence will be painted, and a final “Stapleton-looking color” has yet to be decided. Residents are calling the wall “The Great Socioeconomic Divide” but are looking for suggestions from residents across Stapleton. Please send suggestions to with the subject line “wall.”

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