New Through Traffic Disruptive to Quiet Aurora Neighborhood

Aside from the occasional gun fire, car chases, police sirens, and fireworks, the area of Aurora bordering Stapleton is a quiet neighborhood. But now that the through streets are allowing Stapleton residents to speed through to cut a little time off their trips to Costco, Aurorans have found their sometimes peaceful neighborhood has become a little less peaceful. “We have definitely noticed an increase in traffic,” said Megan Glynn. “It has been disruptive to our community.” Megan said that most of the damage is emotional. “You see them driving by in their expensive SUVs not even making eye contact with us. I bet when they drive in Stapleton, they acknowledge others around them. When they drive through here, it’s obvious they are just trying to get through without even smiling.”

Stapleton residents have quietly enjoyed the new through streets. “I know it’s not popular to like them,” said resident Barbara Kabele. “But it really has helped me out. During the week, I bet I shave off an hour of my errands due to being able to cut right through there.”

Shockingly, the through streets aren’t having the negative effects that were expected for Stapletonians. “I really haven’t noticed anything different,” said resident Michelle Sellers. “In fact, the only thing I can think of is one time I was crossing Fulton on 26th and an Aurora man almost didn’t stop. But, no one was hurt.” Some residents don’t see any effects but still don’t like it. “I really haven’t seen anything bad yet,” said Mark Kimball. “Still, I just don’t like Aurora people in our neighborhood, even if it is just passing by.”

Aurora residents are hoping Stapleton residents go back to taking the long way. “We don’t need the extra traffic, and we certainly don’t need them snubbing their noses at us,” said Glynn. Unfortunately for Glynn, she knows there is not much she can do about it. “In the end, it feels like rich white people got their way again.”

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