New Stay at Home Parent: “Six Hours Not as Long as I Thought it Was”

stay at home momNicole Weigel stopped working full time about a month ago and has really enjoyed her newfound flexibility and time with her kids. “It’s been great not having to rush out the door every morning,” said Weigel. “I get to make the kids lunches, take them to school, watch their activities, and keep up with what is actually going on with the school. It has been great.” One thing Nicole has noticed is that the school day seems to go by much faster than she had thought. “I used to wonder what stay at home moms whose kids went to school full time did all day,” said Weigel. “I figured, what a life of leisure. Probably coffee with friends, maybe some shopping, some early happy hours. That stay at home thing has to be the easiest gig. What I found out was that those six hours or so go by pretty damn quick.” Weigel says by the time the kids are settled at school and she drives to the gym, it is already 9:15. “I work out after dropping the kids off, come home, take a shower, and now it almost lunch time,” said Weigel. While eating lunch, I’ll pick things up around the house or do laundry, maybe answer a few texts or emails, and now it’s suddenly 1:30. A lot of days I need to go to the store or run some other errands, and before you know it, it’s three o’clock. I need to get things ready for the kids after-school activities, snacks, water, attire, etc. Then, back in the car to pick them up. Whole day is gone.”

Weigel says she loves being home and the opportunity to be with her kids more, but wishes there was some down time. “I feel like when I worked full time, there were times I could catch up on some news in my office, having an extended lunch with a work friend, or leave a little early to do some shopping. Now, I feel like I have less free time. How is that?” Weigel is in no hurry to get back to the working world, but has learned to appreciate all the stay at home moms. “It’s way busier than my old job,” said Weigel. “When you’re working for the man, you are waiting for things, have other people supporting you, and have a fairly set schedule. With being around the house, things seem to be just go, go, go. I’m hoping to do this for a while, but not sure how long I can keep up this pace. No wonder all these stay at home moms are so fit.” If you’re a stay at home mom, maybe stop your reading and get back to work. This six hours is going to go by pretty fast.

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