New Stapleton High School to Have Experiential Learning Focus

building new HSIn a recent meeting with Denver Public Schools, the “intense” parents who actually want their kids to have a high school to attend discovered there is a $15 million shortfall in school building budget. To offset this budget crisis, DPS has decided that it would be a good experience for the Stapleton kids to build the high school themselves.

During the first months of their freshmen year, the students will build adobe classrooms made out of the famous Stapleton clay. Once students have their classrooms built, they will have the opportunity to enjoy one elective. The students that are interested in the engineering and design elective offering will create an environment suitable for 21st century learning. During class time the students will design their school based on the plan that DPS was unable to afford after spending 9 months and millions of dollars creating. In a day or two, it is expected that the students will adapt to the Experiential Learning Model of 21st century by learning and constructing a school that the DPS was unable to construct.

According to one DPS official, “the students will first create a working farm out of the Denver Parks and Rec land that was supposed to have playing fields but now won’t due to budget miscalculations.” Stapleton parents agreed that food production should be first priority so that their kids will be able to have lunch during school construction. After eating the locally grown produce, it is anticipated that the students should have the energy necessary to begin building the school itself. Not only will the kids be learning agriculture, design, engineering and physics but the actual physical building experiences will constitute their PE class credit as well. One concerned mother exclaimed, “with months if not years of hauling bricks, climbing ladders and swinging hammers our kids will be just as ripped as the Stapleton Chapter of CrossFit mothers.”

By the end of the meeting, the notorious Stapleton moms were thrilled with the new plan and look forward to shopping at Cabela’s for work boots and overalls for their kids. DPS will offer discounted tool belts to the first ten students that enroll into the Engineering and Design elective.

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