New Light Rail at Eastbridge Town Center to Bring Eastbridge Residents to 29th Street Town Center

Forest City recently approved what appears to be its biggest effort to appease disgruntled Eastbridge residents in regards to the lack of an Eastbridge town center. Several years after the town center was to be completed, Forest City has finalized plans that will place a light rail station in the mostly barren Eastbridge “town center.” “We are extremely pleased to announce that plans and funding have been approved to begin construction of a Stapleton light rail,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “The main objective will be to give easy access for all residents to our one and only town center on 29th Street.”

The two hubs for the Stapleton Light Rail will be located in what was supposed to be the Eastbridge town center and the other will be located in the middle of Founder$ Green. It will be an elevated rail that will run directly above the running path on 29th Street for the majority of the trip. Not all residents are pleased with the incoming Stapleton Light Rail. “We are supposed to be a green community,” said concerned resident Mitchell McAllister. “Now, we are going to put this right above one of the prettiest streets in our community? Ridiculous.”

Residents living along 29th street are already planning a petition to stop the building of the light rail. “I don’t like anything about this,” said 29th Street resident Jennifer Olds. “The noise, the clutter, but mostly I don’t want Eastbridge people messing up our nice neighborhoods to the West. I mean, why can’t it take them to the Aurora Town Center since they are basically in Aurora already?”

Eastbridge residents seem excited about what seems to at least be an effort to give them easier access at walking to a coffee shop, liquor store, sandwich shop, and a bar. “Ideally, I would be able to simply walk to that area and get what I need,” said Eastbridge resident Mark Tisdale. But at least I can still walk there and get a five minute lift into the current town center.”

Eastbridge residents will be able to ride for free with a pass they can get from the MCA with a proof of residence. Others will be able to get passes at a monthly rate or buy them daily. The light rail will run daily from 6AM until 12AM and is set to open in the fall of 2015.

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2 responses to “New Light Rail at Eastbridge Town Center to Bring Eastbridge Residents to 29th Street Town Center”

  1. Jennifer

    Why would I want to buy a pass to go to Eastbridge? Gross.

  2. Margret Dugan


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