Mosquito Problem Really Bugging Stapletonians

If you have been on a walk on any of the wonderful Stapleton trails , or played at one of the many pocket parks in the early evening, you most likely have not enjoyed your experience. “The mosquitos have been unbelievable,” says resident Mitchell Schall. “My kids are getting eaten alive, and I spray them with bug spray. I don’t know what to do.”

With all of the rain and standing water in the area, the ponds and puddles have become a breeding ground for millions of mosquitos. And with all the people in Stapleton out and about, our beloved neighborhood has become the ideal feeding ground for these annoying pests. “We are working hard to find a solution,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “It may be too late for this year, but we want to make sure we have a solution in place for the next time this situation comes up. Like everyone, we keep hoping a cold morning will kill them off, but it just hasn’t been cold enough, I guess.”

Suggestions for possible solutions have ranged from third-world solutions to the bizarre. “People have talked about setting up an area at the pocket parks where people could grab a mosquito net, and then return it when they leave,” said Kampstra. “Another recommendation for the parks was to literally have blood bags filled iocane powder poison which would not only draw the bugs away from people, but kill the bugs as well. Obviously, right now, everything is on the table, and we are looking at all options.”

The MCA says it is too late to get a solution for this season. So, for the rest of this bug season, residents are on their own. “I usually try to use organic bug spray, or none at all as I know it is bad for the environment,” said Bridget Deleon. “But, it is so bad right now, I’d be willing to cut down a forest of Aspens just to ensure me and my kids weren’t getting bitten constantly.” Residents should be aware that the mosquitos are at their worst right now right around 6PM, apparently mosquito dinner time as well.

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One response to “Mosquito Problem Really Bugging Stapletonians”

  1. Regina

    I have used in a jar with a funnel taped to the top of the jar some water, yeast and brown sugar in the jar.
    The mosquito’s have either died off or have not come around.
    I’ve also used a spray bottle and sprayed with the ingredients in the bottle and sprayed the trees, flowers and on the building as well.

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