Moose Spotted in Stapleton’s Central Park

mooseThe frigid temperatures brought about a lot of complaining from Stapleton residents as well as quite a few colds. They also brought some wildlife very unique to the area, as some Stapleton residents spotted a moose walking around Stapleton’s Central Park. “It was really cool,” said resident David Gaies. “We were driving past Central Park admiring all of the snow, and there it was. We didn’t believe it, so we drove back and parked and got a few pictures. It was incredible.”

Wildlife manager Tracy Walsworth says that it is extremely uncommon to have a moose spotted in Denver. “We have never heard of this before,” says Walsworth. “Overall, the Colorado moose population has been increasing, and is at about 2.500. But those are all in the foothills, or in Estes Park. “Moose have been migrating down from Wyoming and Montana, and quite frankly, they really seem to like Colorado.”

Although residents think having a moose in Stapleton is pretty cool, they are aware of the dangers. “Moose aren’t really afraid of anything,” says Walsworth. “So, you need to keep your distance, and people in Stapleton need to be better about keeping their dogs on a leash.” Some residents feel global warming is to blame for the strange sighting. “This weird winter weather we are getting can probably be attributed to global warming,” says resident Kevin Alesch. Other residents agree. “Until people across the world start accepting global warming and understanding what it is doing to our ecosystem, these strange occurrences will continue,” says Ben Rudel.

Of course, not all residents are on board with global warming. “Global warming is something Al Gore made up, like the Internet,” says global warming skeptic Blake Noren. “If it is supposed to be getting warmer, why was it so cold recently? I don’t need science to tell me it wasn’t warm out last week.” We may never know whether global warming is real or if it isn’t, but if you see a real moose, enjoy the view, but keep your distance.

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