Moms Big Tent Group Faces Class Action Suit Regarding Suppression Allegations

big tentThe Stapleton Mom’s Big Tent Group is in hot water after several non-moms have been either refused entry into the group, or faced several obstacles to get in. “I simply wanted to know what was going on in the community,” said Stapleton dad Thomas Lockie. “But when I applied with my info, it said I had to come down to an office with four forms of ID, plus an electric bill, and a recent copy of Good Housekeeping with my address on it. It was ridiculous.”

Lockie asked some other moms about the challenges he faced. “Other moms in the group thought I was kidding,” said Lockie. “They said it was a really simple process, and was no fuss, no muss. But, clearly, they were trying to keep me out.” The discrimination isn’t unique to Stapleton dads. Residents outside of Stapleton experienced the same issues. “I am a mom in Park Hill, and I know there are always great things for sale in Stapleton, so I wanted to join the list,” says Park Hill resident Susan McGarvey. “But, it first asked for my address, then asked for my parents address, my SSN, my kids SSN. I thought, well, it’s not worth it to give this much info away. Of course, later I found out that that Stapleton moms were not getting the same kind of run down. It’s pretty ridiculous to shut others out like that.”

Lawyer Eric Zinn found out about the situation and began seeking out those who were unfairly victimized. He eventually found hundreds of disenfranchised men in Stapleton or men and women outside of Stapleton who were singled out and given enough challenges they would drop out of the system and choose to not attempt to become members of the Stapleton Moms Big Tent Group. “It is disgusting,” says ZInn. “The group should be ashamed. This community, and this country should be about giving everyone a voice, not about making elitist communities online and elsewhere.”

Big Tent Stapleton Mom’s moderator Helen Asbee completely dismisses the allegations. “If you have a Stapleton address, it is pretty simple to see you belong in the group,” says Asbee. “What’s the big deal about having to show a little ID? If you want to be in the group this bad, and want to have a voice, you should be able to jump through a few simple hoops.” Zinn would not clarify the amount in the law suit, but said the law suit is much more for principle than it is for dollars. “We are simply trying to create a fair system,” says Zinn. “If people want to belong to this helpful Big Tent group, they should have easy access.” The case is expected to go to trial sometime in January if a settlement is not reached.

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