Mom Really Hoping She Doesn’t Run Into Anyone at School Drop Off

mom hoping to not run into anyoneStapleton mom Nicci Walker is a typical Stapleton hot mom. She takes great care of herself through working out and eating healthy. Like many other hot moms, she likes to look great without others thinking she had to work hard to look great. “I will put on some expensive yoga pants and a cute top,” said Walker. “I always do my makeup, even if I just put my hair in a ponytail. The look I think most of us strive for is that, ‘I’m hot and I’m not even trying to be,’ look. The reality is, looking this good is hard goddamn work.” Nicci makes sure she gives herself enough time to achieve her look any time she is planning to leave the house. “It takes me about 60 to 80 minutes to get myself ready. I’m guessing people see me and think, ‘gee she looks great. And she just threw something together with those yoga pants.’”

This morning, however, time hasn’t been on her side. “There were some things I needed to get done here, and then a couple projects and assignments we had to get ready for the school,” said Nicci. “It has thrown my entire morning off, and I will definitely not have my usual prep time.” Nicci knows there is no chance she can complete the usual routine, so she is improvising. “I’m going to put the usual-type outfit on for one,” says Nicci. “Then, I’m going to give my face a good once-over, and throw on a hat. I really hope I don’t see anyone at school drop-off today.” Nicci most fears having the other hot moms at the school see her like this. “I don’t want people knowing I usually work my ass off to look great, and in actuality, I’m like everyone else.” There are also a couple of good looking dads Nicci is hoping to avoid. “Nothing would ever come of it, obviously, but I want the few hot dads at the school thinking I am hot, too. I don’t want that imbalance of them knowing they’re hot and that I have to work hard to be hot. This is going to be a stressful morning.” Please send your thoughts and prayers with Nicci as she tries to get through this morning drop off unnoticed.

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