Mom Discouraged Knowing She Still Has 328 Sack Lunches to Make

lunches to makeStapleton resident Jessica Boesen has two children attending Isabella Bird in Stapleton. The kids are adjusting to going back to school, and Jessica is enjoying having more time to get things done around the house to try to stay ahead of things as the household manager. The family had a great summer, but it was time for the kids to go back to school. “When we get back to school, it definitely gives the kids more structure,” said Bosesen. “During the summer, we are so laid back, and the kids stay up to0 late, they aren’t involved in as many activities because of our travels. They also get sick of each other, so getting back to school keeps them from fighting.” Overall, the kids are pretty good about getting ready for school, and don’t need constant motivation. “They’re good about getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and all that. They like going, so we don’t have issues getting them ready.”

Boesen says the biggest difficulty in getting them ready for school is preparing lunches. “Every day I am stressing about making something they will eat and something that is healthy,” said Boesen. “I also struggle in getting variety in there, as they often ask for the same things. Plus, there are really only so many options you can include in the lunch. It gets really challenging. And the worst part is that I still have 328 lunches to make. It’s pretty disheartening.” Jessica says that making the lunches is so aggravating, it’s the main reason she looks forward to the weekends. “I love Saturdays and Sundays,” says Boesen. “Hell, I love when they are home sick. Just so I don’t have to pack a damn lunch. Homework I’m fine with. Carting them to practices, I’m fine with. But, lunches are a pain in the ass.” Luckily for Jessica, she only has 328 more to go.

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