Mom Admits When Kids Are Tired, “They’re Pretty F#ckng Miserable”

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Stapleton mom Michelle Graunke adores her children. She spends as much time with them as she can and will do everything for them. “They are just so sweet,” said Graunke. “They are the greatest thing and really terrific kids.” Graunke says overall, her kids behave extremely well. “We never get complaints from teachers or coaches, or their friend’s parents. It’s really nice knowing when we send them places, they’re going to be good.” There are occasions where the kids aren’t a picture of perfection, however. “When the kids are tired, it’s a total f#cking nightmare,” said Graunke. “I mean, I love those little bastards to death, but when they’re tired…they test me.” Graunke says bedtime can be a real mess. “I mean, if we’re getting them to bed just a minute passed the tipping point, it gets a little nuts. Screaming, crying, and sometimes, physical violence. They’re pretty f#cking miserable.” Graunke says she always comes back to loving them, but she goes through a short window of wondering what the hell she was thinking when she decided she wanted to have kids. “After they are sleeping, I calm down, remember the good times, and I am back to worshiping them again. But, man, during that tired-fit phase, I just want to just kill those little f#ckers.”

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