Mike Carlson Voted Stapleton’s Sexiest Man 2012

On the surface, Mike Carlson may seem like just a regular guy. He keeps in okay shape, and is definitely slightly above average when it comes to his appearance. But like most Stapleton men, to find something special about him, you have to look deep.

Mike makes a very nice living as a software developer at a company he founded ten years ago. He is often described as “such a nice guy” and rarely takes unnecessary risks. Sure, he has his fun. Once every couple of weeks he’ll hang out with the neighbor dads and watch a little pigskin while drinking a few brewskis. He is also a wonderful father to his two children. Mike will walk them a couple blocks over to the park, and in the summer will even take them to the pool. And in regards to a sense of humor, he certainly understands when things are funny.

“This is really an unexpected honor,” said Mike. “It is so great to live here in Stapleton where a guy like me is considered sexy, or a catch. My wife thought this was pretty funny, but personally, it is the biggest award or honor I have ever won.” The Stapletonion is interested in your feedback as to who Stapleton’s sexiest man should be. Please send 2012 honorable mention nominees and 2013 watch list nominees to Stapletonion@gmail.com.

Editor’s Note: The Stapletonion was going to do Stapleton’s sexiest woman, but the task became much too stressful as we were only able to narrow it down to the top 250.

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