Messy Haired, Mismatched Toddler Dead Giveaway Father Home Alone

Mark Lane enjoys being a dad and does his best with his daughter Maggie. He is rarely without help, however, as his wife Laurie is usually by their side. Recently Laurie decided to go on a rare girls’ trip, leaving Mark alone. Mark was happy Laurie was going to get away and knew he could handle being with Maggie alone.

The first night was easy for Mark, as he just followed the usual routine. Dinner, pajamas, reading, bed. No big deal. Saturday morning was more of the same. Wake up, watch cartoons, eat breakfast. That’s when Mark began his struggles. He had planned on taking Maggie to the park, so he went upstairs to grab some clothes. “What should she wear? What size is she wearing now? Is this an outfit or two items randomly next to each other?”

Mark grabbed what he thought would be acceptable attire for the day and ran down to dress Maggie. Everything looked good to Mark. Now, he needed to do something with her hair. That’s when the real struggles began. “How do these rubber band things work? Do I put in two or just one? Screw it, we will just go with the barrette.”

Mark left to the park with Maggie, and everything seemed great. While at the park, several of the moms started polite conversation with Mark. All of the conversations included the same question: “How long is your wife out of town.” Originally, Mark thought maybe the women were hitting on him. Later that evening a neighbor came by and joked about, “poor Maggie’s hair and outfit,” which is when Mark realized he was being mocked, not hit on. Mark and Maggie stayed in the rest of the weekend.

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