MCA to Begin Conducting Exit Interviews for Persons Leaving Stapleton

MCA to conduct exit interviewsAlthough many families and individuals may move while living Stapleton, most actually move within Stapleton. The ones who do leave do so at somewhat uncontrollable consequences, mostly due to job changes, for better or for worse. However, there are people that move away from Stapleton due to what the Stapleton MCA is calling ‘controllable circumstances.’ “For most people, living in Stapleton is a positive experience,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “But, it just isn’t for some people, and that is fine. What we want to start understanding is are there things the community could have done to keep that resident in Stapleton.” The MCA is so serious about understanding the issues of Stapleton defectors, they are hiring a human resource professional to start conducting exit interviews.

The newly hired Jessica Graham explains the line of questioning someone leaving Stapleton would encounter. “Of course, there will be the usual things such as, ‘what are the most important reasons you are leaving Stapleton? Is there anything a new neighborhood offers that Stapleton doesn’t? What did you like best about Stapleton? What did you like least about Stapleton? What would you change about Stapleton? Did you receive enough information about Stapleton to enjoy it fully? Would you move back to Stapleton in the future? And, would you recommend Stapleton to others?’”

Graham says they hope to interview everyone in the family individually. “We want to talk to the kids,” says Graham. “The neighborhood is so focused on kids, they should be included in the process.” Graham also says that privacy for each interviewee is important. “With Stapleton, there could always be other things in play. For example, was someone having an affair with a neighbor, so moving was the only option? We need to learn those types of things. Or maybe the couple was going through a divorce, and who wants to be divorced in Stapleton?”

Graham has already conducted some unofficial interviews for research. “I’ve spoken with over 100 past Stapleton residents,” says Graham. “Some people didn’t like living that close to others, some wanted a yard, others didn’t like the ultra-competitive fishbowl environment and many thought their kids would just have better opportunities elsewhere. So, we have a foundation, but a lot to build on.” Kampstra says the research is for internal use only, and will be used to continue to build a better Stapleton, both physically and socially.

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