MCA Pool Staff Prepared for Unnecessary Closures

When it comes to closing a pool quickly, it appears only Seal Team 6 could compete with the Stapleton Pool Staff.  Whether it is high winds, almost rain, sounded like thunder, is that poop, or simply getting dark a little early, this staff can get things closed up within minutes.

Stapleton residents are impressed.  “Most pools will kind of wait it out,” said resident Brett Price.  “These guys are up and out of there before the sun has a chance to show its ugly face again.”  The training is rigorous, both physical and mental.  “We start in March going through different scenarios that could warrant a pool closing,” says pool staffer Gloria Campbell.  “Then, we go through a challenging training course including emptying garbage cans, closing umbrellas, and folding tens of chairs.”  This may sound like every day work, however, to qualify for the team you must be able to do so in less than six minutes, which includes emptying out the facility.  “Sometimes people will try to argue with you,” says Campbell.  “Things like, ‘its going to be sunny in five minutes,’ or ‘that was construction, not thunder.’  The bottom line is, we are in charge of the safety of the thousands of people that attend our pools every day, and we must protect them.”  While the pool is open, staffers protect the residents as well, providing valuable lessons to parents as to what they should and shouldn’t do with their kids while they are in the pool.  “Some dads will throw their own kids into the air while in the pool.  We are not sure if this is dangerous or not, but until it is proven to be completely safe, we are not going to allow it.”  Stapleton residents should rest easy knowing they are under the highly trained guidance of the pool staff.

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One response to “MCA Pool Staff Prepared for Unnecessary Closures”

  1. Joe

    I must admit the life guards are totally on top of their game. Every summer my kids try and get away with splashing and having fun, and every summer they get busted and get a warning.

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