MCA Moves Opening Day Pool Party Indoors to Rec Center

indoor MCA pool partyIt appears the frustrating, rainy and cold weather won’t be ending by Memorial Day weekend, the time when the Stapleton MCA officially opens the pools. “It has been a pretty tough spring for people who try to enjoy the outdoors in Colorado,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “It has snowed or rained almost every day in May, and that has made it tough for a lot of people with their sports teams, and really hurt people’s ability to golf or go to Rockies games.”

With weekend temperatures expected to top out in the high 60’s, with chances of rain daily, the MCA decided to make a major change. “We didn’t want to cancel the festive opening we have celebrated in the past,” said Kampstra. “So, we worked with the Central Park Rec Center and the City of Denver, and we are moving the pool openings to the rec center’s indoor pool. We feel this is the best thing to do so that people can still enjoy some pool time and at least start to feel like summer is here, even though it feels like it is not even close.”

Kampstra says the change to the indoor venue won’t go without its pitfalls. “Obviously, space is a concern. There is a chance people will get stamps, and based on their stamp, will have to leave after being there in two hour increments. We have six pools in Stapleton that are typically packed Memorial Day Weekend. Now, all of those people will be converging on one small pool.” Kampstra says the pool will still have a DJ, but there is another downfall of being in the rec center. “They do not allow food or drink in the pool area,” said Kampstra. “And, unfortunately, that includes alcohol.” Kampstra is still encouraging Stapleton residents to come down to the rec center and get in some pool time. “This will just be a way for us to get excited for summer. I mean, the weather can’t stay this bad forever, right?”

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