MCA Calendar Rejects Risqué Toddler Photo

The Stapleton MCA periodically holds contests asking for residents to submit photos to be published on the site or in publications they manage. Recently, they held a contest to create a “Cute Toddlers of Stapleton” calendar. One of those selected was a picture of Amber Hoffman, daughter of Rachel Hoffman. The Hoffman’s asked if they could use a different photo than the one they submitted that would “show more of their daughter’s personality.” The MCA agreed to allow them to send another photo, however balked when it came time to making the substitution.

“There was no way we were going to include that in our publication,” said MCA spokesperson Kathy McCoy. “We will stick with the original photo. The second one is simply way too provocative.”

Amber’s mom Rachel disagrees. “We think the second one is simply more artistic, and would be just perfect for the publication. We ask Amber which one she wants to use, and she always goes back to the second one. It was really her choice.”

At this point, the MCA is not going to publish the photo, but do say there is a way for Rachel and Amber to get the photo they want in the publication. “We do offer advertising in the calendar,” said Kathy. “If they are willing to pay the $300, we will allow them to put it in as an ad.” Rachel is not budging however. “Amber doesn’t have that kind of money. Even if I were to loan it to her, I am not sure when she would be able to pay it back.” The calendar comes out this July, with or without the photo of Amber.

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