Legoland Coming to Stapleton!

Forest City won’t confirm or deny it, but The Stapletonion has learned from anonymous sources that the Lego company will design and build many of their amazing Lego replica creations in the facility owned by Prologis. One of the highlights of the facility will be a visitors’ center, making Stapleton North a tourist destination, and the centerpiece will be a life sized model of a section of the old Stapleton neighborhood, including homes by various builders. Visitors (from Aurora and beyond) will be able to walk through Lego versions of homes they’ve until now only dreamed about seeing the inside of.

“If this is true, I am really excited for my kids,” says resident Tim Weber. “We were never going to be able to purchase some of these higher end Stapleton homes, so the only chance my kids would have of seeing them would be to become friends with kids that live there. Pretty unlikely.” The opportunity is also great for those living outside the Stapleton community to get an understanding of how easy life can be.

Insiders told the Stapletonion that the Lego replicas will come complete with three perfect Lego children, a hot Lego mom, a pretty young Lego nanny, and an average-looking 45 year old Lego man as the husband. “We really want to re-create the experience of living in Stapleton for people,” said the source. “We want dogs, gardens, and even Lego Luxury cars. Our design team is having a blast with this, and we think it could really be some of our best work.”

Sources did not indicate a timetable for the completion of the project. “We cannot disclose that at this time, as right now we are much more concerned with finalizing the plans and getting the project right.” Although Legoland is certainly all about the philanthropy portion of the project, they are just as interested in the profits. “Of course, part of this project and really every project is about giving back to the community. But, we also hope to turn a little profit,” said the source. Legoland Stapleton plans to charge $7.50 for kids, and $12.50 for adults. They will also have a massive gift room with items ranging from $2 to $750. “We are very excited to open our doors. We absolutely love the location and look forward to serving Stapleton, Denver, and Colorado for many years.”

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One response to “Legoland Coming to Stapleton!”

  1. Bob Gordon

    Some assembly required, no doubt, before this new addition makes it to Stapleton. Families will appreciate the attention to detail, such as the “Hot Nanny and Luxury Cars.” This gives young ones an opportunity to start planning for their dream Lego home in Denver’s best community.

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