Least Tough Stapleton Elementary to Open In Fall

When community leaders were looking to name the incoming Stapleton 4 school, the biggest goal was to not sound threatening. “We wanted a school that would give the students the feeling of being safe,” said board member Shawn Creary. “We decided that giving the school a very non-threatening name would help accomplish that.” The board looked at a series of non-threatening names, but ultimately decided on Isabella Bird Community School (IBCS). The name beat out other frontrunners including:

• Dandelion Elementary
• Huggy-Bear Community School
• Butterfly Kisses Elementary
• Princess Wishes Community School

The Mascot for Isabella Bird will be Rainbows & Sparkles. The school will open this fall with a temporary facility on 45th Ave., and the permanent facility will be open in the fall of 2014 at Lima and 26th. “I think the community as a whole is excited, but residents in this area are extremely pleased,” said resident Matt Collins. “Eastbridge residents are most certainly excited after the long wait.”

Principal Sue Ackerman expects the name and school philosophy will keep a positive atmosphere at the school. When deciding on a name, the board wanted to avoid rougher sounding schools such as Bill Roberts, Westerly Creek, and Swigert. “Nothing against those schools,” said Ackerman. “But they definitely don’t welcome you into the building, and some might even say, kind of frighten you a bit. We are trying to instill important values such as kindness, sharing, and love,” said Ackerman. “Of course, we will not be impervious to trouble, however we don’t think any kids will take pride in being the biggest bully at Isabella Bird. It would be like being the WNBA MVP. Just not a lot of pride in it.” The school is still enrolling kindergarten classes for 2013. For more information, go to isabellabird.edu.

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