JAMA: Stapleton Swap as Addictive as Meth; Not as Bad for Teeth

Stapleton SwapAccording to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the Stapleton Swap Facebook group is as addictive as taking the street drug methamphetamine, or meth. “What we found in our study was that very similar parts of the brain were impacted by both,” said Dr. Greg Artz. “They essentially act as euphoriants, causing great highs, but when people come down it can be severe. This is what gives both their addictive traits. Once you come down, you again are looking for that high, so you keep coming back. In these cases, either to crystal meth or Stapleton Swap.”

Artz says the physical and psychological side effects of Swap and meth are very similar. “On the physical front, both can cause loss of appetite, increased sweating, blurred vision, and a pale appearance,” said Artz. “Luckily, for Swap users, teeth go completed unaffected, unlike meth which can have devastating effects on teeth.” Artz continues to mention the psychological effects of both. “Increased concentration, insomnia, wakefulness, anxiety, and repetitive and obsessive behaviors are all behaviors observed in both Swap and Meth users.”

Artz says meth should never be done recreationally, but Swap can be a positive experience if you are being monitored by a support group. “You need to have family and friends around, and maybe even a doctor, to let you know when your “swapping” is becoming a problem,” said Artz. “If you are alone and asking yourself if your “swapping” is a problem, you’re already too late.”

The culture of Swap is also very similar to the drug culture. There are all sorts of different kinds of users. There are those who are mostly buyers, and those who are mostly sellers (pushers). There are also swap wars, the same as there are drug wars. Some swappers even believe they have rights to certain territories, or neighborhoods within Stapleton. “It’s pretty messed up,” says former swapper Kristi Clark. “I was lucky enough to get out of it when I did. I know for some of my old friends, they are way into the culture now, and I don’t know if I will ever get them back. It’s just so sad.” Artz says that the best way to not become an addict is to “not get involved in the first place. Once you are hooked, they have you. Whether it’s meth or Swap. You just need to say no.”

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5 responses to “JAMA: Stapleton Swap as Addictive as Meth; Not as Bad for Teeth”

  1. Micah

    How do I sign up for Stapleton Swap? I have some furniture that I need to sell. Thanks much! Micah Lang

  2. Serious Swapper

    It’s a hidden group. You have to be invited by someone who is already in the group. Also, your address has to be within Stapleton. This is verified using Nextdoor.

    1. Tyler Durden

      Serious Swapper just broke the first AND second rules of Stapleton Swap…

  3. Craig Roberts

    Want to join this group

  4. Craig Roberts

    I want to join this group

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