Isabella Bird Already WAY too Serious to be Elementary School

The new elementary school in Stapleton, Isabella Bird, plans to be a tremendous school for mathematics, reading, and science, but also plans to be much more than that. “We want to be a leader in technology, world languages, arts, and even discuss social justice as well as environmental sustainability,” said new Principal Sue Ackerman. “We want our kids to come in as kindergartners, but leave in sixth grade with the knowledge of a first year grad student.”

Many Stapleton parents are eager to get their child the education they will need to succeed in today’s world. “We can’t just blindly send our kids off to school anymore and trust the school systems,” said resident Danielle Scott. “We need to be involved in their curriculum, and need to know that it is better than opportunities other kids are getting. It is great to know that my child will be in a better position than some of their friends who attend say Bill Roberts, Swigert, or Westerly Creek.”

For other parents, the curriculum seems like a little much for five to 11 year olds. “Honestly, I just want my kid to get some good math and reading skills and lots of recess,” says resident Joe Boesen. “I think it is great that they have these goals, but I want to give my kids a little time to enjoy life and develop on their own.” North Central Park resident Dana Potter agrees. “I definitely want my kids to have advantages in life, which is why we moved to Stapleton in the first place. But, I don’t want to be super-involved with the school curriculum, nor do I think my kids need to be talking about race relations at the age of six.”

However, for many, the school offers just another elementary curriculum for residents from which to choose. “We are trying to raise intelligent, well-rounded kids,” says Scott. “Not every parent wants their kid to be smart and successful, which is fine. We do, so we are choosing to send our kids to Isabella Bird.” Isabella Bird will have roughly 100 students this fall at the Samsonite building before moving to the Bluff Lake area in August 2014.

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  1. bombi

    “Principal Sue Ackerman” ?? – I think her name is Sonny Zinn

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