Imposters in Da Hood

As we are all aware, the community of Stapleton has an abundance of amenities to offer its many residents. The rising issue, however, is that many Park Hill residents are utilizing our perks as well. We were tipped off to this story by Kathy McCoy, a Stapleton resident. When she was at F-15 pool the other day, she struck up a conversation with a mom sitting next to her. Kathy recalls, “It was a normal day like any other. This mother and I were sitting by the poolside watching our children play together. We started chatting and I soon found out that she actually lives in Park Hill. I mean it was so bizarre! She looked and acted just like one of us and so did her kids. It’s like really creepy how they can just blend in like that.”

Our staff then interviewed some other miscellaneous Stapleton residents to see if this is the norm. Ray Zornman commented, “I was at the Central Park playground and started a conversation with another dad who was with his kids. It turns out that he lives in Park Hill but likes to use our parks on the weekends. I never would have known that he wasn’t a Stapletonite if he didn’t tell me. I was shocked and disturbed. I guess these visitors are fine if it helps the Stapleton economy but now I don’t know who I can really talk to around here.”

When Kate Larson was standing in line to buy popcorn at one of the free movie nights at Founders Green, she had a similar experience. Kate stated, “I overheard a couple in front of me talking about how great it is that Stapleton is so close to them and that they can take advantage of all the free and inexpensive Stapleton activities.” That’s when Kate interjected and asked them why they don’t just move to Stapleton! They responded, “Because it is close enough for us to ride our bikes to and cheaper for us to just take advantage of all the activities while you all pay the higher property taxes.”

Kate was dumbfounded, yet enlightened and is now looking to buy a house in Park Hill.  The trend appears to have expanded all the way to Hilltop, and there have also been cases of those from the Highlands coming to Stapleton as well. SUN and the Stapleton community will be looking to address this issue within the next month. Some have suggested Stapleton residents get a small tattoo on their upper arm designating their residence.


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