Homeless Man: “Coffee at Williams Family Dentistry Worth the Walk”

williams family dentistryThis past Saturday, an unidentified homeless man wandered into the Williams Family Dentistry. The alarms went off, but the man was undeterred. He needed a cup of coffee. He grabbed one of the Keurig cups, started the coffee maker and patiently waited for his coffee. After he got his cup, he calmly left the scene and continued his walk.

The alarm company eventually sent a patrol car out and caught up with the man. “It appears he wandered out here from a shelter downtown,” said officer Bill Whitehead. “He is a little confused, but all he keeps talking about is how great the coffee was.” When representatives from Williams Family Dentistry arrived, they were relieved to know that the only thing missing was coffee. “Well, it’s a dental office so we have lots of expensive equipment,” said Dentist Margie Williams. “Fortunately, there is nothing damaged or stolen, and I’m glad he enjoyed his coffee.”

In fact, the dental office may have gained a lot more than they lost. “He actually started asking me prices on things such as extractions,” said Williams. “I’m not sure if we will gain him as a patient, but hopefully he will talk to his friends.” Williams Family Dentistry is known for its great service, but at least one patron will always remember them for their great coffee. Williams says that patients are always welcome to a cup of coffee, but she encourages them to come in during normal times of operation. “It can be inconvenient sometimes for us to come out and talk to the authorities,” said Williams. “But, if we are open, and you are a patient, come on in. We’ll give you a cup of our now famous coffee.”

*The above story is based on actual events. You can’t make this stuff up.

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