High Tech Elementary Has Low Tech Handbook

high tech elementaryIf you have read the High Tech Elementary Handbook, you probably have a lot of free time on your hands. You also would have noticed how specific the handbook is when it comes to things such as playing on the playground and walking through the halls. “My child is enrolled there for this year,” said parent Skylar Gaies. “I read through the handbook last week, and I was kind of surprised. It seems like there is a lot of minutia on basic things, but not a lot of information on how they are actually going to educate my kid. I mean, I guess knowing how to use the swings is important, but it probably doesn’t need to be covered in the handbook, right?”

Other parents agree that they were looking for more specifics on how the school was going to be innovative in its way of educating. “The mission and vision statements are great,” said parent of an incoming student at High Tech, Maria Schall. “But, I guess I was more curious as to how they plan to accomplish their vision and what classroom strategies would be employed. Letting us know how birthdays would be celebrated and what snacks would be allowed really isn’t that important to me.” Other things covered in the handbook include but are not limited to:

  • Dress Code (no clothing with inappropriate words or clothing which reveals undergarments)
  • No cell phone usage during school day (remember, these are elementary school kids)
  • How to use the swings (detailed)
  • How to use the slides (detailed)
  • How to use the bars
  • When you can and can’t run on playground
  • What is/isn’t allowed in game of tag

“I’m surprised they were able to keep the handbook so short,” said parent Dave Schwab. “Once they start explaining how to play schoolyard games, it’s a pretty slippery slope. Shouldn’t they have included detailed rules on four square, football, 500, etc.? I mean, will they allow spikeys in four square or not? Can they even play dodgeball, and if so, if a player gets hit in the head, will they still be out? Maybe there are some addendums I’m just not seeing?”

High Tech Elementary officials are standing behind their student handbook. “We feel it is a good, basic guide to our behavior expectations,” said Principal Kathleen Vardaman. “Of course, we can’t get everything in there, so we focused on the things that come up the most, dress code, playground behavior etc. As far as how we plan to accomplish our education goals, that is probably over the head of most of the readers. Just leave that to us.”

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