Havana 711 Replaces King Soopers as Shadiest Stapleton Place After 9PM

711The Stapleton King Soopers has long been known as a place you didn’t want to go after dark. In fact, most Stapleton women refuse to go there if it is after 8:30 in the evening. “It just kind of has this creepy feel,” said resident Tracy Strassburger. “And not just in the parking lot. I feel just as unsafe inside the store.” A recent study conducted by the MCA shows that 88% of residents will not go to the Stapleton King Soopers after 9PM, unless it is an absolute emergency. This percentage, however, was only good enough for second place.

The Havana St. 711, conveniently located less than a half a mile from Denver County Jail, has 96% of Stapleton residents claiming they will not go there after 9PM. “This is a big win for King Soopers,” said Stapleton Soopers manager Gary Stevens. “I don’t think it is necessarily a reflection of the shadiness of the Havana 711, as it is a reflection of our continued improvements. We continue to move forward in the right direction.” MCA President Liza Kampstra says the study was conducted in an effort to better understand the habits of Stapletonians. “We want to know where they are going, when they are going there, and how often,” says Kampstra. “It will help guide us as we work with Forest City to get new businesses in the area, especially in regards to the Eastbridge town center.”

The biggest concern for residents is how shady the new King Soopers will be late at night. “With another giant 24 hour grocery store coming in, what will the patronage be like at that place late in the evenings,” said Dianne Frazier. “I mean, will that start getting prison traffic, too?” Kampstra points out that although the Stapleton King Soopers and Havana St. 711 have a strange vibe to them late at night, there have been few reported incidences. “Any crimes at either of these places have been minor,” says Kampstra. “But, both of these locations definitely have a ‘crime feel’ to them.

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