Happy Accident Leads to Happy Ending

Shiny Happy Car Wash and the new car wash unwittingly put their differences aside and joined forces in support of a cause that is near and dear to both of their hearts – undercarriage rust on vehicles. The two first realized they had more in common than they thought when each “liked” the same Facebook post by an organization they both follow. The previous Monday, the Stapleton Contingent for Undercarriage Rust Voidance, Eradication, and Education (SCURVEE) posted some information regarding their upcoming fundraiser to benefit cars currently undergoing rust abatement treatments as well as cars considered to be “at-risk” based on their DMV records. 

“We get a lot of cars here that were purchased in other states and ended up here for one reason or another, usually because their owners realized that whatever Midwestern state they grew up in really sucks,” noted Keith Carman, SCURVEE spokesman. “Many of those end up on the at-risk list due to climate, salted roads in the winter, and the like. I’d have to say that Michigan seems to be the front runner but I also see quite a few that came from Wisconsin, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, and other less desirable states.”

When called for comment, Shiny Happy Car Wash showed some real maturity in saying that, “Regardless of who was here first, regardless of who has better prices, and regardless of who would rather focus on cleaning cars instead of dogs, we need to work together to end this blight on our industry. I really appreciate SCURVEE’s proactive approach rather than just throwing money at cars for whom it’s already too late. I know there’s a certain stigma about it, but it’s a real shame that people don’t just pay the extra $1,500 for the undercarriage treatment at the dealership – that stuff really works.”

The new car wash was unavailable for comment but did recently send out a press release announcing that they have opened a new “Kid Wash” section in an effort to combat the recent lice outbreak. Plans are also in the works for a “Dish Wash” and a “Produce Rinse” section. It looks like the new car wash’s goal of being the true one-stop-shop for Stapleton’s washing needs is becoming a reality.

It’s unlikely we’ll see these two car washes enjoying a couple of suds at the pub or jogging together in Central Park anytime soon, but it’s good to see them come together for the good of the community and the cars.

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