Golf carts: The Silent Killer

Recently, the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group once again exposed a major Stapleton issue: golf carts. It appears that the almost tens of golf carts that drive around Stapleton have become a big nuisance for many residents. “I saw one going about 12 miles an hour in our residential area,” said concerned resident Joe Clinton. “They had young kids safely buckled in the back seats, were driving safely, but I just had a feeling something bad could happen at any time. We need to get these things off the road. In fact, that should be our number one priority. Get golf carts out of Stapleton, then cure cancer. But carts first.”

Another resident viewed something even more disturbing. “I saw a driver of a cart throw an unidentifiable bottle into a dumpster,” said Timothy Steiner. “I assume it was a beer bottle, and furthermore, I will assume the driver was drunk.” Steiner says that next time he will take proper action. “I will definitely call 911 the next time I see a golf cart. From my very limited understanding of what 911 is for, I understand that the emergency response team will be very excited to hear from someone talking about a golf cart driving on the road, and in no way will this distract them from other potential emergencies.” Steiner believes that if for some reason a S.W.A.T. team does not show up immediately to take down the lawbreaker, he and other citizens should take this issue into their own hands. “I encourage anyone who sees a golf cart to vandalize it. Seriously, if there is anything you don’t like about other residents in your neighborhood, just vandalize their crap.”

Golf cart owners feel they are getting unfairly judged. “I drive my cart safely and responsibly,” says Nicole Beatty. “We simply use it to go to the pool or go to a close-by neighbors place. I really don’t understand the hostility.” Some non-cart owners agree. “This has to just be jealousy, right?,” says resident Dan Brody. “Who gives a sh#t about golf carts? I can’t believe you’re asking me these questions.”

Although there are differing opinions in regards to cart drivers, one thing is for certain. This issue has to be addressed before another three or four Stapleton residents purchase these menacing vehicles. “If something doesn’t happen soon, I will simply move,” said Steiner. And Stapleton cannot afford to lose vocal, concerned residents like Steiner.

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3 responses to “Golf carts: The Silent Killer”

  1. Leslie Porter

    Great article!  These pieces of information are awesome. Safety really matters even with golf cart driving. It is indeed very important to make safety measures and laws on this so as to avoid golf cart related accidents. We all know for a fact the golf carts can create undesirable accidents, too. Thanks for sharing all these thoughts. 

  2. Kim Hicks

    Dear readers, if you are not sarcastic by nature, you may not get this publication…please stick to Science Weekly…

  3. shapna

    Electric golf carts are the most common utility vehicle by many peoples around the world. Because these electric golf carts are more powerful and efficient than other traditional carts.

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