Golf Carts Give Unfair Advantage to Local Trick-O-Treaters

We have all seen them. Tens and tens of golf carts driving around Stapleton, typically to pools, and sometimes just to parties. For the most part, the carts are harmless. Sometimes you may get stuck behind one temporarily on 29th street, not sure if you are allowed to pass them or not, but overall, the Stapleton golf carts are not a problem.

The carts are mostly fun novelty items that non-cart owners envy, and occasionally get to enjoy a ride from a friend or neighbor. The one day a year that golf cart owners really get the ugly stares is on Halloween. Cart owners take the kids out trick o treating using the golf carts, which allows for an already easy Stapleton candy-grabbing experience to become even easier. “I don’t like it at all,” says resident Jim Miller. “I have seen it where they literally keep one big bag on the cart and the kids empty their small bags after hitting each block. These kids are not earning this candy at all.”

Some have taken an even harder stance. “If I see kids show up with a golf cart, I am not giving them candy,” says Craig Barnum. “I recommend other residents do the same.” Cart owners do not understand the problem. “We are not doing it because our kids are lazy,” says cart owner Don Smith. “We are doing it because we are lazy.” Other cart owners like the carrying capacity of the carts. “Same as when I actually golf,” says Geoff Ihm. “I like to have some beers, and helping with the kids while carrying a six-pack just doesn’t work out.”

Whether or not you are for or against the Halloween golf carts, they are here to stay. There have been no reported accidents (involving children) with the golf carts, so the biggest concern is simply having your children asking for a golf cart in two months.

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