Forrest City to Place Giant Sculpture in Eastbridge Town Center

Forrest City has continued to move forward slowly and cautiously when it comes to the Eastbridge town center. The project was supposed to be completed years ago, but Forrest City recommitted itself to “getting it right.” They eventually put in a much-needed automated car wash, and recently a dentistry moved into the space adjacent to the car wash. Now reports have surfaced that the idea of a grocery store as the anchor has been scrapped.

There are no immediate plans for any new businesses, but Forrest City is sticking to their commitment to placing an art project in the middle of the center. Forrest City committed 1% of total Forrest City-Stapleton revenues to “art” sprinkled throughout the urban neighborhood. This particular piece was actually designed by an Eastbridge Stapleton resident. Jeffrey Mercurio says he put a lot of thought into the piece. “I wanted it to reflect what Forrest City wanted to give to the Eastbrigde residents,” says Mercurio. “This piece pretty much says it all.”

Mercurio says that he has lived in Eastbridge for six years, and his frustration with Forrest City was all the inspiration he needed. “I have been involved with SUN and the MCA and tried to communicate with Forrest City regarding my frustrations,” says Mercurio. “No school, no town center, and after the project began, I found out Havana and Iola were going to become through-streets. I think the piece appropriately depicts what Forrest City thinks of the Eastbridge residents.”

The SUN Art panel approved the piece unanimously. SUN President Mike Victoria loves the project. “It is beautiful, and has a great message,” said Victoria. “I hope to see more projects like this around the community.”

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3 responses to “Forrest City to Place Giant Sculpture in Eastbridge Town Center”

  1. David

    That sculpture really captures the essence of FC’s commitment to this community.

  2. Chris

    How did I not see this when it first came out!?!?! Priceless… and, spot on.

  3. Jessica


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