Forrest City to Install Cup Holders on all Stapleton Playground Equipment

Every once in a while, Forrest City makes a decision that all Stapleton residents are able to get behind. This latest decision is one of those. “We had employees canvas the Stapleton pocket parks on a typical weekday afternoon, and from what we saw, this was a needed addition,” said Forrest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We think this is something that the Stapleton community will definitely get behind.”

“This is great news,” says resident Bob Christensen. “I can’t tell you how many times I have been at the park playing with my kids while trying to hang onto my beer. Inevitably, I drop it, spill it, or even drop a child because of it.” Chad Albers shares this frustration. “Finding a place to set a beer down can be pretty frustrating. You can’t just set it on the ground, because a kid might knock it over, and you don’t want a curious toddler trying to take a sip of it, especially if it is a micro-brew. I don’t want to waste that expensive stuff.”

Forrest City will place between 15 and 25 cup holders at each Stapleton pocket park, and roughly 40 at the Central Park play area. “A lot of people think this is just for alcoholic beverages,” says Ayers. “But a lot of moms drink about six cups of Starbucks coffee a day, and coffee can definitely be a hazard to children. So, we are just providing a safe place to put it.” The cup holders will be installed by early December, just in time for hot chocolate and cider season.

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