Forrest City Proposes Buffer Zone Between Stapleton and Aurora

Forrest City President Phil Dargossi is currently in talks with the city of Aurora and the City of Denver in an effort to create a buffer zone between the Stapleton community in Denver and Aurora. “First and foremost, the concerns of the community are our biggest priority,” says Dargossi. “What we want to build is an area, similar to a demilitarized zone, which will separate the two areas and create a safe environment for our citizens.”

The proposal is to build a one to two mile gated area with a large security barbed wire fence which will only allow Aurorans through in their vehicles and only during certain times. Currently, Aurora councilman Matt Shelton is not sold on the proposal. “I am not sure this is something I can get behind,” says Shelton. “As an Auroran, I would prefer that Aurorans could get out of here any time they wanted. I don’t feel comfortable having all these Aurorans here in the first place.”

Denver councilman Adam Jones disagrees. “In the end, we must look out for the citizens of Denver,” says Jones. “This proposal looks to address the safety and well-being of our communities. We don’t want Aurorans here. It’s bad enough we are housing them in our jail down the street.”

The plan will be voted on by both communities in mid-July. “We do not have the final provisions set at this point,” said Dargossi. “We expect for both cities to pass the provision, and we look forward to putting up signs stating, ‘Future Home of Buffer Zone’ in the Stapleton community.”

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